Old Hall Junior School

Old HallJunior School

Pupil Comments About Old Hall

In December, we spoke to a number of pupils from all classes and asked for their views about school. Their views were overwhelmingly positive and we are very proud of their responses. 

What do you think about life at Old Hall?  Do you like it?

I really like this school because everybody is so kind.

All the staff are so nice. The teaching assistants help us lots.

I like Old Hall because there are lots of nice people and adults.

I really like this school and the playground is massive.

I love it! We do fun art lessons and get to play outside.

I like the way the majority votes for things because it gives everybody a fair chance. Everyone is treated fairly here.

I like Old Hall because it’s just such a nice place to belong and learn.

I really like it because we actually care about things and others – Old Hall teaches people how to be kind.

It is fun here and you can make loads of friends. We’re so lucky to have such a big playground and field and to be able to do so many fun activities to help our learning.

The teachers are really kind and the pupils are too.

What helps you the most with your learning in class?

The teachers are always there and happy to help us.

I like it when I’m challenged because it helps me to learn more. I know I can make mistakes, but that’s how I learn.

The computers are great here and the iPads. They help me learn my times tables and find out new things.

I like it that when we start on easier things, but then it gets harder because were getting better and better.

I would say the teachers. The teachers always come and help us when were stuck and try and make us understand it a bit better.

I like stuff like learning new methods because they can help you in lots of lessons.

I like the maths (spicy, mild etc) because we start at different levels and if you’re not very good at something you start at the bottom, but by the end were normally really good. This makes me feel confident to learn new things.

I like times table rockstars because it’s helped me loads with learning my times tables. It has helped me with times tables in maths lessons – I’m getting better!

The teaching assistants help us. If our teacher is working with a group, they come to help me and always make me understand.

The teachers explain things so clearly. She makes me want to learn more and I just get it now.

It’s great when teachers put examples on the board for writing. It gives me great ideas and were good at using thesauruses too to find new words and make our writing more impressive.

How do your teachers and teaching assistants help you?

I feel that when the teachers talk through what we need to do and show us on the board really helps us to learn and it helps it stick in my head.

They make me more confident with things that I didn’t know how to do – I can tell I’m getting cleverer.

The teachers seem to have more time to help me and work with me and there’s more teaching assistants to help me in my class.

Our teachers help us when were stuck on anything. I just put my hand up and someone helps me straight away.

I like it when the teacher and teaching assistant help us to sort our problems out. If we’ve had a fall out they are always really supportive and help us to make up again.

Teaching assistants are great. They help to prepare the fun activities, which help us learn and are just super helpful with everything. They’re great at listening too.

If I’m stuck, I can always put my hand up, then tell me a few clues (helpful ones). If I still can’t get it, they help me more. They don’t just give me the answer, which makes me want to solve it more!

Some lessons we are split, and it’s just so helpful and things that I didn’t get before are explained clearly and it doesn’t go too fast for me.

They give us a lot of support when we are stuck. They don’t let you give up. We have to try and carry on and then they help us when they really need to.

What activities or opportunities do you get involved with?

Create club is the best – I LOVE it! You get to make things and take them home with you. If you don’t have stuff at home, you can use the stuff in school to make cool things.

I love football and the club after school gives opportunities to those people who can’t go at weekends.

I do running club because you learn how to get better at sports and be just like the athletes on TV.

I love how active the playground is during breaks and lunchtime. There is always fun activities that I want to take part in.

I like how they do create club now. It gets all my stress out and takes things out of my mind.

I like after school clubs because they’re easy to get to and helps our parents. They’re cheap too.

I do football and cricket. Most of my friends go to them, so it’s good for that and we get better at the sports too.

The after school clubs are good because they stop people being sat at home doing nothing and getting more active, rather than being bored.

When I do clubs, I feel like everyone is included and its fun.

You can get involved in loads of instruments. In year 4 they all play one, which is good. So many people play instruments.

There are loads of clubs now and some people go to before and after school ones. These all help you to get fitter and healthier.

Do you think attendance is important?

If you don’t go to school, you will miss it and you sometimes have to do easier work. You will miss fun things.

When you’ve been off school, they might talk about a new topic something and you don’t know what they’re talking about or how to do it.

It’s very important because you will learn things that you need to know or that are really important.

I think it’s important. If you don’t learn, then you won’t be able to do anything in adult life.

The more you learn, the better you get at everything.

Attendance is important because if you’re learning a topic and you miss a day, it’s hard to catch up.

It’s important because if you don’t come to school. Your mind won’t get stronger and you won’t learn anything.

Yes because if you don’t and you have days off, when you come back you won’t know what the rest of the class have been learning. It’s harder to catch up.

Yes, it is important. You won’t learn as much as those children who have 100% attendance. Obviously, if you’re really poorly, then you can’t help that.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us or change?

It’s the best school I’ve ever been to. It’s mesmerising and interesting here.

This school has made me a better reader!

There’s loads of children so I’ve made more friends and on the playground, we can play with more people.

Everything is great. I LOVE it here and everyone is just so nice and everything is so perfect.

I think the middays are super – they listen to me and are kind.

It’s a great school – we learn loads.

Loads of unique things (that other schools don’t have) happen here– like cooking and computing suite.

It’s definitely the best because you get roles and responsibilities

Jobs made us responsible and have high expectations of others.

Our school is an anti-bullying school and were proud of that! We do a range of activities during breaks and lunch to keep people active.