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Home Learning Tasks

Online Safety for 8-10 yr olds

In light of recent events, we have compiled a list of websites and online games for children to access as well as non-screen activities and learning packs. We hope you find these useful.

We are fully aware that most parents are not teachers and we do not expect parents to be teaching their children. Below are ideas and packs that are educational and that your child should be able to get on with, with as little parental teaching as possible. Thank you for the amazing job that you are all doing - we appreciate it!

Please find below the tasks set for each pupil. These have been sent out to you on ParentMail.

Pupils, please ask permission if a link requires YouTube. 


Week Beginning 23.03.2020

Home Learning Sheets

Year 3      Year 4      Year 5    Year 6


Week Beginning 30.03.2020

Home Learning Sheets - Family                           Letters from Teachers 

Year 3    Year 4       Year 5    Year 6            Year 3     Year 4      Year 5   Year 6


Week Beginning 06.04.2020

Easter Holiday Fun Tasks

All Year Groups        Thank You From the NHS         28 Easter Fun Tasks 

Letters from Miss Scarborough and Mrs Homan


Week Beginning 20.04.2020 - Our Local Area

Year 3   Year 4    Year 5    Year 6


Week Beginning 27.04.2020 - Animals

Year 3    Year 4     Year 5     Year 6


Week Beginning 04.05.2020 - The Environment

Year 3   Year 4     Year 5    Year 6


Week Beginning 11.05.2020 - Food

Year 3    Year 4     Year 5    Year 6


Week Beginning 18.05.2020 - Travel the World

Years 3 and 4      Years 5 and 6

The Thinkuknow website provides 15 minute e-safety activities. Click the image to open the activities page for 8-10 year-olds:


In addition to the tasks set above, you may want more ideas and resources for your child. Below are many resources that your child may wish to use.

Recommended Websites by the Department For Education 

Home learning websites and activities here. All links are at the bottom of this page.


Home Learning Packs - These are additional learning tasks that children may wish to complete at home. These include maths, SPaG and reading and can either be printed off and completed or viewed on a screen and answered in their home exercise books.

Year 3 Home Learning Pack

Year 4 Home Learning Pack

Year 5 Home Learning Pack

Year 6 Home Learning Pack



White Rose activities and answers for Summer Term are available for each yeargroup:


Year 3 - Summer - White Rose Learning
Theme Display/Help Worksheets Answers
Fractions Download Download Download
Time Download Download Download
Shape Download Download Download
Mass and Capacity Not Available Download Download



Year 4 - Summer - White Rose Learning
Theme Display/Help Worksheets Answers
Decimals Download Download Download
Money Download Download Download
Time Download Download Download
Statistics Not Available Download Download


Year 5 - Summer - White Rose Learning
Theme Display/Help Worksheets Answers
Decimals Download Download Download
Shape Download Download Download
Direction and position Download Download Download
Conversion Download Download Download
Volume Not Available Download Download


Year 6  -   Summer   -  White Rose Learning
Theme Display/Help Worksheets Answers
Properties of Shape Shape Display Shape Sheets Shape Answers
Statistics Statistics Display Statistics Sheets Statistics Answers


Twinkl Arithmetic Tests

Lots of tests can be found here.

Test 1

Test 2

Test 3

Test 4

Test 5

Test 6

Test 7


I See Maths - Gareth Metcalfe Maths here.

Digismart Numeracy App is free to download -  https://www.digismart.net/numeracy.html



Video activities for reading and writing here.

Home Learning Packs here.  There's a great caterpillar Guided Reading comprehension video on here. Scroll down to the bottom. 


PE and Well-Being

SHAPE Partnership have provided links for physical fitness, well being and personal challenges.

PE with Joe Wicks here. 

Well-being is so important, particularly at this difficult time. This booklet is filled with wonderful activities. It can be found here.

Lego 30 Day Challenge here.

Well-being Factfile here.

Well-being Journal here.

28 Tasks to Complete here. 


Topic Learning

NASA Science Solar System Exploration here.

Dad Lab Science Experiments here.

Edinburgh Zoo Live Webcams here.

Virtual Tour of the Natural History Museum here.



Derbyshire Music Education Hub - online daily and weekly activities here.


Twinkl - worksheets and activities to download

Twinkl is a fabulous website that has many home learning packs for all year groups that include all subjects within the curriculum. The link is https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resources/ks2-class-management/school-closure-home-learning-classroom-management-key-stage-2-year-3-4-5-6/home-learning-resource-packs-school-closure-home-learning-classroom-management-key-stage-2-year-3-4-5-6

Suggested Timetable

This is only a suggested timetable and we are fully aware that it may be very difficult to be adhered to at home, but our structured timetable example that we are using in school can be found here.


Bake a cake     Play I spy     Sort out your toys and give any old ones to the charity shop      Make up a quiz for your family     Paint something    Pair your socks     Make up a new game    Keep a diary    Take a GoNoodle break     Investigate – do your toys float?    Do a jigsaw    Play a card game     Go on a shape hunt around your house     Help to cook a meal     Draw some patterns     Spend time playing outside     Build something    Draw a new cover for your favourite book     Write a shopping list     Play snakes and ladders     Read something     Hide something and make a treasure map to find it      Draw your favourite animal using an online tutorial     Make some junk art    Tidy your bedroom     Play with some playdough    Make your bed     Plant some seeds     Write your own book    Practise your spelling in rainbow colours    Play in the garden    Fold your clothes    Build a fort    Practise tying your laces     Measure out some ingredients accurately    Cut something out      Read to a sibling or family member   Create a sock puppet   


Links to Websites

TIMES TABLE ROCKSTARS - Times Table Practise


BBC BITESIZE KS2 - Fun videos and activities for all subjects in the primary curriculum


CLASSROOM SECRETS - Home learning packs and worksheet based activities


MY MINI MATHS - Year specific maths question. Each day focuses on a specific topic with calculation question too.


OLIVER JEFFERS LIVE BOOK READING - At 6pm each day, Oliver Jeffers will do a live reading of one of his books.


MANCHESTER CHILDREN’S UNIVERSITY - Great for History, Languages, Science and a range of topics.




KHAN ACADEMY - Maths games and activities


MYSTERY DOUG - Fun science lessons 


SQUIGGLE PARK - Reading games and activities. Can you complete all the levels?


NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC KIDS - Animals, science, history and geography learning


GRAMMARSAURUS SONGS FOR SPAG - Fun songs for learning about a variety of SPaG topics


MC GRAMMAR SPAG SONGS - Fun songs for learning about a variety of SPaG topics


TRAMSUM - Fun maths activities


POBBLE - 25 non-screen and fun activties to complete at home. How many can you create? Ideas such as build a den, make an obstacle course or create a sock puppet.