Old Hall Junior School

Old HallJunior School


At Old Hall Junior School children are given the opportunity to develop wide-ranging interests and enjoy new hobbies.


Our school teams regularly compete against other schools in friendly games and tournaments across a wide range of sports: cross country, athletics, cricket, football, rounders, swimming, tag rugby, netball, basketball and table tennis all feature throughout the school year. Our children thoroughly enjoy the chance to represent the school and the challenges and successes of their sporting activities.

The regular after-school sports clubs currently available are cricket, multi-sports, , gymnastics, dance, tennis, tag-rugby and football.


Old Hall Junior School pupils can choose to take extra music lessons. There are many budding musicians, of all ages, playing a range of instruments. Violins, flutes, ukuleles, keyboard, cellos and guitars can all be heard as you walk down the corridors.  

One class per academic year also has the chance to learn an instrument as a whole class, and later put on a performance for the school and their parents. This time it is the Year 4 pupils who are learning to play the steel drums. In recent years, they have learned the ukulele and clarinet.   

Over half the pupils in our school (135/265) currently have music lessons where they are developing skills on a particular instrument.


To complement the curriculum in school, classes take part in visits to local areas and events as well as traveling greater distances for full-day school trips. Popular visits include Yorkshire Wildlife Park, the Leicester Space Centre and Cresswell Crags. Years Four, Five and Six also take part in residential school trips.