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School Rules & Reward Scheme

Behaviour at Old Hall has always been of a high standard. This year we have decided to make some changes to our behaviour policy and strategies so that it can be even better.

Our aim is to ensure that children are very clear about the school rules and that they know that keeping to the rules results in positive outcomes. We also want them to understand the sanctions that will be applied if they repeatedly break the rules. In addition, we want a behaviour strategy that can be applied consistently by all the adults across the school.

We have therefore decided on just three school rules:-

1.  Be Ready

2.  Be Respectful

3. Be Safe

These three rules can be applied to almost any situation that we encounter in school.

  • Be ready is about being ready to learn and listen. It is about having a positive attitude and approach to all aspects of school life.
  • Be respectful is about politeness, helpfulness, empathy and understanding of others. 
  • Be safe is ensuring that children’s actions don’t endanger or harm themselves or others in any way.

You will be pleased to know that the children have whole heartedly embraced these rules already and we are so impressed with their behaviour over the first few days of term.

We will continue to use our Star Citizen scheme to reward children for their good behaviour. This means that during the first two weeks of term, children will be collecting ten consecutive ticks for each day they are able to keep to our rules. Once they have gained ten ticks, they become a Star Citizen which in turn entitles them to 30 minutes on Friday afternoon when they can have some fun.

If rules are broken the children will continue to receive, in the first instance, a gentle reminder and then 2 warnings before they lose their free time on a Friday.

We hope that the children have talked to you about the new rules and will soon be telling you that have earned their Star Citizenship or that their name has been put up on one of our ‘Recognition Boards’ around school.

As ever, thank you for your support at home with promoting positive and outstanding behaviour.



Review of Behaviour System - November 2018

Since the introduction of our new school rules in September, our Senior Leadership Team has been monitoring the impact of our new system by visiting classroom and also talking to children.  Here are some of the children's comments:-

"It has made a difference in school.  Little things like name calling has stopped and people seem to behave better.  They don't get into trouble as much."

"I think RRS is better, so that I don't have to remember 120 rules!".

"It is easier to know if I'm doing well".

"I listen to the rules and follow them because I can remember them".

"I always keep my positive notes out on my desk because I am proud of them".

"Our new behaviour system definitely works".